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Jeff Glen/China Trivia Challange
Read through the 'Words from Jeff' for clues to these Trivia Questions. Answers can be found at the bottom of the page.

1. A Pagoda is...
  A) A dragon
  B) An iconic statue
  C) A building
  D) The guy who played Fish on Barney Miller

2. People along Jeff's travels think he's ....
  A) raising money for charity.
  B) a Rock Star.
  C) in need of a shave.
  D) a Putz.

3. The best part of this website is...
  A) Jeff's humor
  B) the Pictures from Beijing.
  C) that Colin asked 'me' to play golf! 
  D) That you only have to check it every two weeks. 

4. My favorite mispelled word so far is... 
  A) supportative 
  B) somed day 
  C) scrotching  
  D) mispelled 

5. Jeff really went to China ...
  A) to bike through another country
  B) to see a different part of the world
  C) to free Tibet
  D) because he loves eating Sushi and wearing Kimonos 

6. These two events occurred at the same time... 
  A) Jeff arrived in China / Molson forced into Merger talks.
  B) Jeff mailed Picture CD / Jeff forgot to copy pictures to CD
  C) Jeff couldn't exchange money / Got a sore bottom.
  D) It's "C" 

7. Forest Gump's Oscar should have gone to... 
  A) Quiz Show
  B) Pulp Fiction
  C) The Shawshank Redemption
  D) Any of the Above 

8. Jeff won't say it, but he is really missing... 
  A) Mom and Dad
  B) His own bed.
  C) Work
  D) Big Brother 5 

9. I can't figure out why...
  A) I really care about the road numbers in China
  B) Jeff hasn't invited the other members of 'Drooler' over to get rich.
  C) Aerosmith was allowed to record music after 1982 (and sober).
  D) Jeff abbreviates Jeff with a "G"?

10. I miss Jeff because...
  A) he's a good buddy.
  B) he's a rock star to me too.
  C) ...well, the firm buttocks.
  D) he owes me $10

Were you really looking for the answers here???

e-mail: jeff@jeffglen.ca